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Limited Time Savings    15% off 3 or more  ▴  20% off 5 or more  ▴  25% off 10 or more

Limited Time Savings
15% off 3 or more  ▴  20% off 5 or more  ▴  25% off 10 or more

The Zone Difference

What sets us apart

Leading Scientists. Elite Ahtletes


We are proud to bring The Zone CBD to you. Our products are overseen by our elite Scientific Advisory Board of MDs and PhDs, all of whom share a specialized interest in and passion for the wellness benefits of CBD. Every product we produce needs to earn their approval, or we won’t put it out.

Full Spectrum. Full Benefits.

The Zone CBD uses full spectrum CBD, which includes all of the plant’s cannabinoids. Most common consumer CBD products are made with isolate containing only cannabidiol, but no other cannabinoids. This is cheaper to produce but has a narrower range of benefits than a full-spectrum formula.

Research suggests that CBD is far from the only beneficial bioactive agent found in hemp; the other components enjoy synergistic relationships to one another called the Entourage Effect. This is what makes The Zone’s CBD unique.

Our company was founded largely by professional athletes; nothing hits the shelves until our pros have given it their seal of approval. When we come up with a new formula, they test it out first to make sure you receive nothing less than excellence.

The Highest Quality. Guaranteed.

To ensure the highest possible standards of production, The Zone CBD is manufactured in a lab that is both GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and RX certified (the same certification used for the production of prescription pharmaceuticals). When you get a package from us, you know it came from a highly regulated facility.

Our products undergo multiple rounds of third party testing to ensure effectiveness and quality. Our product earns a COA (Certificate of Analysis) so you can be certain that you’re getting exactly what it says on the label.