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Our Scientific Advisory Board

Made up of leading clinicians and scientists who all share an interest in the health benefits of CBD, the Scientific Advisory Board exists to ensure that our products and policies are always on the cutting edge of CBD knowledge and research.

They provide rigorous medical and scientific oversight and research for all products produced by ZoneIn. They ensure that our CBD products hold up to the highest medical and scientific standards around legitimacy, integrity, and quality.

To make sure our information is always up to date, they solicit regular external scientific reviews of all our research for every one of our products. They utilize that knowledge to oversee the design and implementation of our own in-house clinical studies. These studies help us not only fine-tune our existing formulations, but help lead us towards the best new CBD products and applications.

Chief Medical Executive

Karyemaitre Aliffe, MD

Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, MD

"The widespread application of cannabinoid-centered therapeutics will lead to global operating system upgrades in our most vital, mobile smart device...the human body."

- Dr. K. Aliffe

Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe's academic medicine background is extensive*, having degrees from Harvard and Stanford with Distinguished Honors (magna cum laude) in Research. His lifelong work and personal mission have led him to ZoneIn, to empower human vitality and optimum wellness.

Dr. Aliffe brings valuable insights to the ZoneIn team, drawing on decades of experience ranging from training in anesthesiology to the clinical pharmacology of natural products. His research into the integrative modulation of our human endocannabinoid system has endowed him with a vision for the future of personalized medicine - one centered on the full spectrum of bioactive compounds found in hemp.

In recognition of his vast experience, Dr. Aliffe is widely acknowledged as a global thought leader in the complex therapeutic interactions of the CBD entourage within the human body.

As a ZoneIn Scientific Advisory Board Member and Chief Medical Executive, Dr. Aliffe is driving our initiatives on hemp CBD education, championing integrity in all aspects of our products, and focusing on quality extraction and formulation. Our vision? Promoting sustainable health and longevity for all.

*Dr. Aliffe received his baccalaureate from Harvard University in Medicinal Chemistry. His medical degree was awarded with Distinguished Honors (magna cum laude) from the Stanford University School of Medicine, where he conducted research in the MD-PhD Program in Cancer Biology, as an American Heart Association Research Fellow in Intensive Care Therapeutics, and was recognized as a Stanford Medical Scholar in Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Aliffe did his post-doctoral and research training at Stanford Medical Center, in Anesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Management.

Created by nature. Made for all.

Thoughtfully made in the USA

ZoneIn CBD uses full spectrum CBD, which includes all of the plant’s cannabinoids. Most common consumer CBD products are made with isolate containing only cannabidiol, but no other cannabinoids. This is cheaper to produce but has a narrower range of benefits than a full-spectrum formula.

Research suggests that CBD is far from the only beneficial bioactive agent found in hemp; the other components enjoy synergistic relationships to one another called the Entourage Effect. This is what makes ZoneIn CBD unique.

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